Tips for Applicants

Key Dates



There are 11 categories available. Make sure to pick the one in which you are most outstanding!

What we’re looking for

JCI is a voluntary personal development organisation. We’re all about developing young people in Manchester to create positive impact.

So, we’re looking to recognise people who are committed to their own personal and professional development, who are excelling in their area, technically and commercially, and who show promise of being future leaders. Tell us how you have made a difference, to your employer or your team or your community.

We like applications that are succinct and relevant, with supporting evidence. Clear facts and figures, and quotes from third parties are all good evidence.

How to fill in the online application

There is an area for filling in details of the nominating person, if they are different from the person up for the award. We are genuinely indifferent between people nominating themselves or being nominated by others.

Otherwise, make sure you answer all the questions, and stick to the word counts.

Make sure you answer exactly what the question is asking.

Assume you’re writing to an intelligent person from outside your industry – explain or avoid niche jargon or abbreviations.

There are no marks for style, spelling, punctuation and grammar… but it will naturally unnerve the judges if they are way off! Make it nice to read. It doesn’t all have to be in full sentences – lists are fine.

Key Question 1 – Describe your role / the situation

This is to set the scene for the judge, telling them what the nominee does and what is expected of them in their role.

Key Question 2 – Reasons for nomination

Tell the judges the nominee’s key attributes and how they have performed exceptionally.  We would like to hear about leadership skills, innovation, positive approach and outstanding contribution to campaigns/projects.

Key Question 3 – Describe the outcome

Explain how the nominee’s attitude and actions have led to a great benefit to their team, employer, community or themselves.  Include appropriate statistics on results, performance metrics, return on investment, etc.

Key Question 4 – Evidence

The last question is optional, and is for providing supporting evidence, such as customer testimonials, employer feedback, or awards won. The judges want to see evidence to support what you say. You can’t attach files, but you could include weblinks. Judges might look at provided weblinks, only if they are easy and relevant. They won’t trawl your Twitter feed in search of positive reviews!